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Various shots of a very old locomotive - presumably Stephenson's Rocket from the title. M/S of the train being pushed towards the camera by a group of men. A man in a bowler hat directs the work. Group of men carry a piece of track for the locomotive. They put it in place then move another piece around to the front of the train. This is presumably what they have to do to move this old loco along the road as they only seem to have a small amount of track.

C/U of the back of the loco. A flap is opened to show the inside of the engine. High angle shot of the men pushing the locomotive. They push the loco along the track. M/S of the engine being pushed towards the camera - this time inside a building. C/U of one of the wheels. M/S of the men removing the funnel and handing it down to other workers. It is lowered by means of a rope. M/S of men bodily pushing the engine along - looks like hard work.

Presumably this film was shot to show how the engine had to be moved manually either to or from a museum. Seems to be unedited material. Probably shot for Pathe Pictorial.

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