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Royal Border Bridge, by Terence Cuneo

A railway poster of one of England’s most iconic bridges fetched £1000 at a Christie’s auction recently.

The poster of Berwick-upon-Tweed’s Royal Border Bridge is by Terence Cuneo, one of England’s most famous painters and illustrators.

He was the official illustrator at Elizabeth II’s coronation and made a name for himself as an painter of bridges, wildlife, portraits, landscapes, and military scenes.

The poster was expected to sell for £900 but went for £1000.  According to Christie’s, the lithograph was produced in 1946. It was one of the first posters used by newly-formed British Railways in 1948.

Cuneo became known for a style that captured both detail and the general milieu of everyday life. This led to his work having wide appeal and his posters became hugely popular. Reproductions are still sold today and also appear on cards and tiles.

Cuneo also painted the Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash, and the Forth Bridge. Some of his work has sold for close to £6000.

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