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Michael Portillo with his Bradshaw guide
In an article in the Daily Mail Michael Portillo say "But when I reached the metaphorical end of the line and looked down from the clock on to the magnificent Palace of Westminster, I reflected that, without 19th Century giants such as Robert Stephenson, Charles Darwin and, yes, George Bradshaw, Britain would not be what it is now".


Great British Railway Journeys begins on January 4 on BBC2 at 6.30pm.

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In this short film, a collection of images create a colourful collage depicting the construction and opening of Montreal's Victoria Bridge. Considered an engineering marvel at the time, it was the first bridge to span the St. Lawrence River, connecting Montreal to the South Shore by rail.


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The following announcement appeared on the Welsh Assembly website:

Plans to improve transport links between Anglesey and the mainland moved a step forward after Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones revealed the findings of a public consultation.

The three month consultation exercise into the future of the bridge, which carries the A55 from the mainland to Anglesey, asked the public for their views on the options for improvement. The majority of those who responded favoured a new bridge.

Speaking at the Anglesey Show, Mr Jones said:

The A55 provides the main economic artery for North Wales and links Ireland to the European continent – its enhancement and development is essential.

We gave the public an opportunity to have their say on the future of the Britannia Bridge and 70% have called for some form of new bridge.

I am announcing today an investigation into the technical options for a new bridge and to consider the environmental issues we face. This will look into what is possible and give us some broad cost estimates.

The 12 week consultation gave the public four options:

  • Widening the Bridge
  • New Multi Span Bridge
  • New Single Span Bridge
  • Taking no action

Of the 1000 respondents, 94% believed improvements were necessary, with 70% favouring a new bridge.

The Menai Strait was first bridged in 1829, with Thomas Telford’s famous suspension bridge. The Britannia Bridge was built by Robert Stephenson in 1850 to carry rail traffic. A road deck was added in the 1970's.

12 August 2008
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Exhibition details

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Glenfield was the site of the first station from Leicester West Bridge on the Leicester and Swannington Railway opened on 17 July 1832 as the world's third steam railway. Just before reaching the station the line passed through Glenfield Tunnel, which at 1 mile 36 yards long was at the time the world's longest railway tunnel and was built by Robert Stephenson. The Glenfield end of the tunnel can still be seen.

A public footpath in Glenfield passes close to the western entrance to Glenfield tunnel, , which has been bricked up. The eastern entrance to the tunnel has been buried, while the tunnel as a whole was sold to Leicester city council for a nominal sum, though the council has never decided what use to make of it. The tops of several brick ventilator shafts can be seen among the houses of the estate above the tunnel,; some are in the back gardens of the houses. The tunnel itself underwent in 2008 a retrofit to install strengthening rings that are hoped to prevent a collapse of the extant tunnel shaft. The £500,000 reinforcement project was commissioned by the Leicester city council

this is the work carried out by the coucil theya are all the way to the end of the tunnel



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