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Posted By Robert. Stephenson
Posted By Robert. Stephenson

"The Northumberland Railway - Brunel in Stephensons Back Yard"   Tynemouth Regency Club, Preston Grange, 10am 10th July 2015

The Trust offer a number of talks for groups. if you would like to know more please contact the Trust

The Northumberland Railway, - Brunel in Stephenson’s back yard.

Extensive use of illustrations of historic documents, paintings, video and sound, explores the relationship between Isambard Kingdon Brunel and the Stephenson’s., particularly in the context of the development of the mid nineteenth century railways in Northern England.

The Art of Robert Stephenson – Images of the man, his life and works.

The life and achievements of the nineteenth centuary’s finest engineer is presented with lavish use of s illustrations through the use of historic documents, paintings, video and sound.

The Stephenson’s – A Northumbrian Railway Engineering Genealogy

The presentation is illustrated with the use of historic documents, paintings, video and sound, focusing on the Stephenson family genealogy and those involved on their numerous railway schemes as well as those associated with the Stephenson locomotive factories. The talk is then broadened out to include Robert Stephenson’s relationships with other Victorians and schemes he was involved with in later life.





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