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Michael Longridge (1785-1858)

Michael Longridge (c.1785-1858), was nephew of Thomas Longridge (c.1751-1803), co-owner of Bedlington Ironworks from 1782. He was also a cousin of  Daniel gooch.

He caused the erection of new buildings to cater for the social and educational needs of his workmen. These buildings carried the arms of the Longridge family on the gable of a cottage.

Michael Longridge was the business brain behind the success of the company in railway development. Bedlington was a pioneer in the rolling of long malleable iron rails.


1823 Michael Longridge of Bedlington was a partner in the newly formed Robert Stephenson and Co. - other partners were Robert and George Stephenson, Edaward Pease of Darlington. The original capital was £4,000 divided into ten shares of £400 each. The Stephensons and Longridge held two shares each, Pease held four Another source says Edward Pease also held the shares of Thomas Richardson.

He also managed Rbt Stepenson and Co works during Rbts absence abroad. During these periods, Michael Longridge managed both Bendlington and Forth Banks Firms.


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The Welsh Government insisted a new bridge over the Menai Strait is just one of the proposals being considered.

Plans for a third bridge crossing from Anglesey to the mainland are back on the agenda.

Queues on the existing Menai and Britannia bridges are a source of frustration for drivers, especially during the rush hour.

The Welsh Government said it has "carried out investigations and consulted with the public over proposals for a new bridge crossing which would relieve congestion across Britannia Bridge. Later this year consultants will be appointed to develop these proposals."

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